Eric Scott  She is one of the most loving people I know! She has shown me so much and has helped me grow and become a better person. She will always speak the truth and you will feel like you're on cloud 9 after talking with her. She views everything in positively which shows you all the possibilities when you view it the same way. I am lucky to call her a friend and glad that my guides brought us together!
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Kaia Colestock  I was raised as a scientist, but in the end, my heart runs the show. When this woman came into my life over 17 years ago, I resisted spiritual paradigms in general. Iíve seen many mediums and channelers come forward Ė some disingenuous and ego-driven. Others have gifts, mostly unsung and underdeveloped. Eunice is one of the rarest of gems with both polished talent and tangible sincerity. This woman is absolutely the best Iíve ever seen. She saved my life. Eunice neither requires fame nor approval. Her caliber of honesty and compassion is singular in this world. I trust her with my whole heart and soul. Home Consultations Inspirations Reviews Links Biography Contact

Client Reviews

Marie DeMaria  In my life I have used many advisers, some Astrologers, some mediums, some channel Spirit. It is unusual to find someone who is accomplished at all including Numerology. Eunice Brooks I met long time ago a the Unity Church and I still marvel and how right on she is. With love and compassion she reads for you your soul plan, your life before and after you got here. She is the best. I just told her tonight how right on she is on business and personal matters of mine. And I am proud to call her my friend. Thank You Eunice for your honesty, kindness and compassion. She is the very best!!! Jasmine Heffernan  Being an Intuitive myself, and having been on the spiritual rode for SO long I have become very particular about Intuitive Readings. Eunice Brooks is Amazing! She is incredibly "tuned in" on many different levels, thereby brining information in that resonates on many levels of your being. Very accurate, Inspiring and filled with Love! If you've been thinking of a reading you won't be disappointed! Lindsey Siebenaler  Eunice is a caring, empathetic, and lovely person. She adds wit and humor to her readings. She is honest and accurate and feels like a long lost friend found. A reading with Eunice is definitely worth it. Suzanne Banton  Eunice is a Beautiful Soul, filled with WISDOM she gently delivers advice and nutures you with LOVE. Very accurate and on point with Every Reading! Thank you for being You Eunice!
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Chris Anderson OneFeather  Having been an intuitive counselor for more than 35 years and chumming with people in the metaphysical/spiritual community for an equal amount of time I've rubbed shoulders with countless people who are "readers" and "counselors", some good and others not so much. Eunice Brooks is one of a very, very small minority that I go to when I feel a need for clarification. Her lucidity of vision and empathetic nature is a source of renewal as well as immediate grounding. I highly recommend her both as a intuitive as well as a knowledgeable counselor. Reviews