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Eunice Brooks Spiritual Advisor Mission Statement:  “I believe that inside each of us is a sleeping giant and that my mission in this lifetime is to open others’ vision so that they may also see this magnificence inside themselves.  I believe through compassion, love and the use of my Intuitive Insight that I can help them find the potential for enlightenment that is their gift to the world; gifts that are greatly needed in this time of great transition and change.”
Eunice Brooks is a natural born Intuitive with multiple gifts that make it possible for her to reach through the veils and dimensions to help you find direction on your path. She has studied many spiritual and religious disciplines in her lifetime and through her studies, she has come to understand there are many doorways into Truth. She is a Counselor, Esoteric Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher and an Ordained Minister of Spirit and Truth. She teaches classes in Metaphysical Bible, A Course in Miracles, Women’s Wisdom, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Intuitive Development and Birth into Spirit, Angels and Meditation. She is a powerful Visionary and Intuitive. She has the gift of reading life energies. When there is confusion in your life and you cannot seem to find your direction, she can tune into the energy circle of your life and tell you what your own Soul has written there. Through her many years of experience and study she has come to understand that all peoples and beliefs are now in the Soul Remembering process. That we are all One Light, One Love and One Truth. That it does not matter what part of the circle of life we are journeying in, we are still part of the same circle and must always come together at the beginning and end of the Great Circle of Creation.  She is a Teacher of Light and invites you to share her gifts through a consultation or in a classroom with other seekers of Truth. She can introduce you to your Angels, Guides and Teachers so they may assist you more fully to move higher in your life journey. Through her abilities you can access your Highest Guidance in total privacy and love. “May You be Blessed Upon Your Journey.” With Love,           Eunice
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